4:20 Lite

Swiss Cheese

This is our only outdoor grown strain and one of our favourites.
If there is one thing that the Swiss do well it is Cheese, come to that so does the UK....home of the original Exodus Cheese strain.

Large hemp buds that have stretched towards the natural light source, giving them significant size. Like any well made cheese, they carry a distinctive aroma! To keep it fresh, we send all orders in airtight tins!

The processed bcd buds are a dark olive colour, harvested slightly later than indoor varieties they benefit from darker thricomes giving them a deeper colour.

The aroma is full and strong and 'cheddar' like, with underlying earthy notes. The flavour is the same, full bodied and strong. As with any outdoor strain the finish is slightly earthy. With no major dominant strain this is a great choice for those looking to experience the benefits of both sativa and indica, relaxing, yet uplifting.

THC 0.18%
CBD 3.0%

Growing Conditions

Greenhouse and outdoor grown strains benefit from lunar photosynthesis something that cannot be said for a controlled indoor environment. This full spectrum of light allows for the development of sweeter, stronger Terpenes and as such a as such a more pleasant effect than indoor grown strains.

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Customer Reviews

Eazy Cheezy, top drawer weed!

Ive enjoyed this a lot, proper smelly. Tastes great. I use for relaxation and its very good. Got a bit over too :)