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Strawberry Kush

An Indica dominant strain that is characterised by its sweet summery aroma of strawberries and other red fruits.

The processed buds are nice and compact and have a similar appearance to their THC rich cousins and are covered in a good coating of thricomes, what more to keep in this way we send all our orders in tins!

The aroma is sweet, slightly citrusy with definite notes of strawberries and other summer fruits. The flavour is nice and deep, fruity with a slightly pine finish. Buds are cured to perfection, fluffing up nicely when broken.

The effect is calming and gives a full body relaxation whilst maintaining clear mind.

Original Strawberry X Kush
THC 0.19%
CBD 2.6%

Growing Conditions

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Customer Reviews

very good taste, good crystally bud, over the 1g I ordered too which is a bonus!

My first order arrived super quick and was packed in a tin which kept it perfect in the post, as for the buds, they are a good size and the weight was excellent. The feeling I get is relaxing and very calm and has helped with my back pain.