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Orange Passion

As a tribute to the original Orange Bud, first bred in 1980 by Dutch Passion, our geneticists have produced this superbly flavoured, Indica dominant, Orange Passion.

The well formed, processed, full spectrum hemp buds, are covered in deep orange hairs with a good covering of CBD carrying trichomes, or crystals, giving these flowers great appeal. Sent in a tin to maintain its shape.

The aroma is deep and citrusy and the taste is superb, akin to that of a blood orange, and is beautifully smooth.

An excellent choice for fast hitting evening relaxation delivering great focus and a comforting warmth.


OB.OB x Fedora 17
CBD 3.4%
THC 0.15%

Growing Conditions

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Customer Reviews

A lovely indica strain that has helped me sleep, thanks you folks! It arrived the next day after I ordered in a very handy tin.

The buds from the Orange are very dense! The grind you get on this strain is great and safe to say a little goes a long way! Great earthy flavour profile and not a single scratch on the back of my throat when smoking! I found that this strain helped with my ability to concentrate and gives a very clear mind. Lovely strain!

It came a bit broken up and dry but other than that a good smoke.