4:20 Lite

Old Skool Fed

Cup Winner 2018 CBD Category ... need we say more?!

This is truly an amazing greenhouse grown, hemp strain. The processed buds are large and an olive green colour with khaki and orange tones. Sent in a tin to maintain its shape.

Cured to perfection they are dense with an excellent covering of thricome crystals. It combines both Indica and Sativa qualities in a 60:40 ratio.

The aroma is almost intoxicating in itself, it's big, it's bold and bursting with a mass of fruity, floral notes with hints of vanilla.

The taste is full bodied, pleasantly earthy and leaves you with a long lasting fruity finish.

It delivers clear focus and full body relaxation, a great choice for the end of a hard day.

Greenhouse and outdoor grown strains benefit from lunar photosynthesis something that cannot be said for a controlled indoor environment. This full spectrum of light allows for the development of sweeter, stronger Terpenes and as such a as such a more pleasant effect than indoor grown strains.

Cannatonic x Felina 32
CBD 2%
THC 0.11%

Growing Conditions

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Customer Reviews

Hi, I ordered from you the order arrived today - Old Skool Fed and Regal Haze (Harlequin x Fedora). I wanted to let you know the order arrived safely; was beautifully presented in the tins, but most importantly the herb is superb quality - the Old Skool is very orangey. The Harlequin is an excellent pain reliever.

I'm really liking this strain, its got a really nice flavour and has helped with my sleep, thanks for the tin too.