4:20 Lite

Mango Kush

Another fruity delight from 4:20 Lite, this time in the form of tropical mangos. This is an Indica dominant strain that does not disappoint. Sent in a tin to maintain its shape.

A mix of light and dark green the neatly manicured, processed buds are covered in thricomes and lovely orange pistils, making the buds difficult to distinguish from their THC rich cousins.

The aroma is certainly tropical, full of mangos with hints of banana. The flavour has a definite Kush like hit, it is smooth, full and has great fruity top notes with a slight hint of pine on the finish.

As you would expect from an Indica, the effect leaves your body feeling relaxed with a comforting warmth.

Green Power / Blue Dream x Kush
THC 0.12%
CBD 3.0%

Growing Conditions
Greenhouse + Lamp

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Customer Reviews

I bought this and the Lemon Haze as it sounded really nice and am not disappointed! I love the tin btw!

This is AWESOME!

Brought this and orange passion and loved it!